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Published by in MS Dynamics NAV · 26/1/2017 17:49:00
It is my "old" dream: to create an universal algorithm of transformation of the XML document tree to NAV database records.
You specify the path to the XML file, and the output is a collection of records specifying the levels, siblings, names and values of XML nodes.
I do not know exactly where it can be used, but the advantages, in my opinion, are evident. Instead of programming of search for nodes and their values, you will be use ordinary records.
There is no need for any preliminary programming, use of XML ports or MSXML2.
Converted XML node types are TEXT, ELEMENT and ATTRIBUTE, though used algorithm allows to convert also other types, for example CDATA.
It's tested in the Classic Client (Nav2009) and RTC (Nav2016).


Classic Client

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