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E-mail Relocator
The E-Mail Relocator is a MS Dynamics NAV tool that moves e-mails from Outlook Exchange Public Folders to a network drive. E-Mail Relocator creates new links between e-mails and records of attachment table.

If you are using the Microsoft e-mail logging functionality, your e-mails are stored in the Public Folders of Exchange.
There are many reasons why you should not do that:
-       Public folders are an inefficient way of storing data due to the overheads in the Exchange environment.
-       Public folders are complex to maintain in terms of assigning user permissions to folders and subfolders.
-       Public folders have strict limits in Exchange, which will inhibit scalability in the future – you’ll always have a limit you need to be careful to avoid if you continue to use public folders.
-       Microsoft has been trying to depreciate Public Folders for some time and there is a delayed development cycle for Public Folders.

In other words, you better store your e-mails on a network drive instead of in Public Folders.
The problem however is, hoe do I get my 10.000, 100.000 or even > 1.000.000 out of my Public Folders, NAV does not have tool to do that.
The answer is our E-mail Relocator.

It can support you in 2 ways:
-       it will move all e-mails from your public folders to a network drive
-       It will store future e-mails directly on a network drive
Since this is not a out-of–the-box product that we can just send you, please contact us so that we can tell you how we can help you.
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