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Navision-JSON modeling

Let's simulate a simplified NAV database definition consisting of two records.
Each record contains a table of data related to other tables as shown on the following figures.
In this schema, the value of any table field is uniquely determined by the following key:
  • Table ID
  • Field ID
  • Parent Table ID
  • Parent Field ID
  • Record ID
To tables and fields have been assigned conventional names.
The following classes have been created in C # Console application:

public class NavRecordSet...
public class NavRecord...
public class NavTable...
public class NavField...

After calling the WriteRecordSet() function, the following printout of the structure follows:

And finally, by following lines of code:

NavRecordSet rs = new NavRecordSet();
           int NoOfRecors = 2;
string json = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(rs,Formatting.Indented);

we get JSON string (fragments):

The following tasks are: give values to the fields and export \ import Json files.
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